Japanese soul

Katakasu is the name of a small neighborhood of Fukuoka city, located in the island of Kyūshū, in Japan. Is the neighborhood where my grandparents decided to build our family house more than 70 years ago, and which over the years has become the nerve center of our great family. The following three generations have grown-up in this house, where we were taught the values of respect, effort and attention to details.

Katakasu for me symbolizes these three values, so inherent in Japanese culture, and this is what I would like to inspire with Katakkasu.



From our fabrics, to the packaging and through our production process, we try to keep an environmentally friendly and eco-conscious philosophy. We source our fabrics from Italy, using natural fibers and our packaging is 100% FSC paper made, without any piece of plastic, so it's 100% reusable and recyclable.


Our products are handmade in a small atelier with a team of fairy godmothers, of more than 30 years of experience in tie-making. Our dream is to work with them and other local suppliers and collaborators, to push small hardworkers to become big - while making sure to respect everyone's rights. 

We will keep working hard in order to be more respectful to our environment and our people.