Privacy Policy

At KATAKKASU we endeavor your personal privacy. Therefore we will never sell to third parties the information that you have provided us. The e-mail address and personal data you provide us will be used to contact you regarding your order, to carry out statistical studies that allow us to make improvements in our products and services, or for matters related to KATAKKASU.

Likewise, whenever you provide us with an e-mail address or other means of electronic communication, you are expressly accepting and authorizing KATAKKASU to use this medium as a preferred communication channel.

If you have registered in our newsletter, we inform you that we are users of Mailchimp platform and, as such, your data will be transferred to their database in order to provide the hired service. With your registration in our newsletter we understand that you authorize us to do so. If you opt-out of receiving newsletters, you can do so any time by clicking "unsubscribe" at the footer of the newsletter or by sending an email to

As a user you guarantee that all data and information you provide us in the course of using the KATAKKASU website are true, accurate, complete and up to date, and you, the User, are solely responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, that could be caused as a result of the breach of such obligation. In the case that the data provided belonged to a third party, you must:

    • Inform the third party of the aspects contained in this Privacy Policy, and

    • Obtain the authorization of the third party to communicate their data to KATAKKASU.

If you wish to change, cancel or oppose the processing of your personal data you can do so by sending an email to

Credit cards

All transactions are secure following the SSL protocol. We will never store your credit card information.


When you visit our Website, our servers may recognize personally identifiable information about you, such as your IP address or the language of your browser. This is because our Website uses Cookies, a small text file that assigns a unique identification to your computer, mobile or other devices with which you have accessed our website. The information you collect allows us to give you a better service by giving us information about, for instance, if you have already visited us or what products you have been interested in.

Cookies are necessary to make navigation easier and friendlier, and will not damage your device.

If you prefer not to provide this type of information, you can change your privacy settings in your browser. If you change your settings regarding cookies, we will not be responsible for any problems and errors in the operation of the website and the purchase process that may arise from changing the configuration of cookies.